SSO with Okta
Configure SSO using OpenID Connect and Okta

OpenID Connect

To become familiar with OpenID Connect in Budibase, see:


Create the application

Create the budibase application in your Applications list.
Select 'OIDC - OpenID Connect' and 'Web Application'
Enter your application name on the next screen and save.

Find your configuration details

Visit the 'General' tab in your application.
Client ID
Use the Client ID field as your Client ID in Budibase.
Client Secret
Use the Client Secret field as your Client ID in Budibase.
Configuration URL
Visit the 'Sign On' tab in your application.
Use the Issuer field to construct your Configuration URL in Budibase. e.g. https://{Issuer}/.well-known/openid-configuration

Add your callback URL

Visit the 'General' tab in your application, scroll down and edit the 'General Settings' section. Enter your callback URL
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