Budibase automations gives you the ability to build your backend logic into your Budibase applications. Your apps need to be able to handle processes that would have previously needed to be carried out by hand, like sending emails when data is updated in a table or deleting records when a particular conditions are met. Automations can also be used for integrating with external platforms and services, for example if you already have web services that are deeply integrated into your processes then automations can be used to receive or send data automatically between the two systems.
Once configured your automation will run as part of your app in the Budibase hosting platform making this a backend process that will run at any time when triggered. We will also be supporting automations as part of our self-hosted offering once this is made available.

Getting started

To get started with Automations click into the Automate tab in the builder, from here you will see the button to "Create new automation", this will ask you for a name for your automation - you're now ready to get started.
The next sections will cover the three major components of an automation, triggers, logic and actions. It will also cover the contextually aware inputs of the system, allowing chaining of the various automation steps together.
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