Learn more about how Budibase creates row to row relationships
This section covers one of the more complex topics of your Budibase web app, the ability to create relationships between different rows. It is important to note that when a relation between two rows is formed these two particular rows become joined, rather than any particular fields in the rows being joined. The relationship is bi-directional, in that when it is created each row will have a relation to the other one. A row is also allowed to relate to many rows, meaning that many to many relationships can be created in your web app (if required).

Creating a relationship column

The process of creating a relationship column allowing rows in two different tables to be linked is quite simple.
    First, create/pick two tables that the relationship should be formed between.
    Make sure that in both tables there is a column defined which can be used for display purposes, when creating this column make sure to set it with the Display column toggle.
    Click the Create new column button in either of the two tables and select the Relationship data type from the dropdown.
    Here you will need to select two options, the table to which this column relates to, and the name of the relationship column in the other table as well. The example coming up should explain why it is necessary to name the column in the other table.
    At this point, you will now have a relationship formed between the two tables! If you create a row in one of the tables, then go to the other table and create a row you should see the first row that was created as an option in the relationship multi-select.

Using relationships

This section covers how to create and update relationships in relation to the tables and you might be wondering how to actually use them. This is for a different topic and has been covered in the Design - relationships section.

Coming up

In the next section, we will cover an example of relationships, how to build them, and the various types that can be modeled.
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