Learn about the Image component within Budibase
The image component is used to display images.

How to add a single Image:

To add an Image to your designs:
    Click the Image button
    Enter your image URL into the SRC input

How to add multiple Images from your Tables:

To add multiple Images from your Tables to your designs:
    Add a Repeater component
    In the Repeater's Setup panel, select the Table you would like to pull your data from
    Add an Image component
    Navigate to the Setup panel (on the right) and find the 'Src' textbox
    Click the ✎ button beside the textbox.
    On the left-hand side of the Binding popup, you will find a list of your columns from the table you previously selected. Click the Column you would like to pull data from.

How to style your Image

The Image component can accept multiple styling updates from the design panel, including Size, Effects, and margin.
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