External Data Sources

Learn more about External Data Sources in Budibase.

Using Data Sources, you can read and write data from sources outside of Budibase, such as Databases and APIs.

How to create a Data Source

To create a Data Source

  1. Click "Data Sources"

  2. Click the + button

  3. Enter a name for your data source

  4. Choose the type of data source

  5. Enter configuration details

This is where you describe the basic connection details of your data source. You must create a query to read and write data to the data source.

When should I use a Data Source?

You should use a data source when

  • Your data is already stored somewhere else, and you want it to stay there.


  • Budibase's tables do not do what you need. Please tell us what is missing from tables - create a GitHub discussion.

Budibase does not have the Data Source that I need

Please let us know by suggesting an integration.

We are always happy to accept contributions for new data source connectors. You can find instructions here.