Learn more about filters within Budibase

One of the core features of views is the ability to filter rows according to particular criteria. When a Row is filtered, it is not deletedβ€”it's just hidden from the particular View you're using and remains within the table (Views are virtual tables!).

Try adding filters when:

  • You need to focus on rows that meet certain conditions (e.g. Classes between May and June, and taught by Albert Einstein).

  • You need to display certain information, to certain people (e.g Each sales person can only view their own commission).

How to create a new Filter

You can only create Filters within Views

To create a new Filter:

  • Click the Filter button

  • Click Add Filter

  • Select the Column you would like to filter

  • Select a filter function

  • Type your query

  • Click Save

Filter Functions

  1. Equals

  2. Less than

  3. Less than or equal to

  4. More than

  5. More than or equal to

  6. Contains