Introduction to Design

Learn about the Design section within Budibase

Budibase's Design section is often described as the frontend builder within Budibase. This is where you create and build your user interface.

Budibase apps rely on data and it is strongly advised to create your data structure before designing your web application.

Single Page Applications

The web apps produced by Budibase are single page applications. Also know as SPAs, these are a highly performant type of app. The reason they perform so well, is because SPAs only send the required information to the browser. This makes the applications produced by Budibase, feel quick and smooth.

Every new application within Budibase comes with two SPAs; a public and private.

Public - The public SPA is your login screen. Anyone can access your login screen.

Private - The private SPA is your application. Only registered users, who log in via your login screen can access your private application.