Learn about Screens within Budibase

Your application is made up of Screens. There are two types of Screens within Budibase; Master and Normal.

Master Screen

The master screen is where you place items that are consistent throughout your applications i.e. your navigation. The master screen is similar to the 'master slide' in Powerpoint. By placing these items within the master screen, you tell the browser it does not have to reload this component every time the user clicks on a new screen. This makes your app feel incredibly quick and smooth. Screen Slot

Within the master screen, you will notice a component called Screen Slot. The Screen Slot is where your normal screens are positioned within your application.

Normal Screen

The normal screens slot into your screen slot when the application is compiled. If it is easier, you can think of normal screens as pages. Normal screens will include home, account, settings, etc.

How to create a new Screen

To create a new Screen:

  • Click the + button

  • Give your new Screen a name

  • Assign a URL slug to your screen i.e. /leads

  • Click the create screen button