Quickstart: Budibase DB

This tutorial will take less than 5 minutes, and at the end, you will have successfully built a complete CRUD application.

In this tutorial, we will use Budibase DB to create a Vehicle Maintenance Log app, consisting of:

  • A Vehicles table, to view vehicles
  • A Service Log table, to record the service history of a vehicle

Getting started

  1. Download the following CSV
  1. Create a new account at https://account.budibase.app/register (onboarding takes a few seconds)
  2. Once onboarded, create a new app and call it: Vehicle Maintenance Log


Add Vehicles table (CSV upload)

  1. When asked what database you would like to use, select Budibase DB.
  2. Name your table: Vehicles
  3. Click the CSV upload button
  4. Upload the CSV you downloaded in step 1

Add service log table (from scratch)

  1. Click on Budibase DB, and create a new table. Call your table Service Log, and uncheck “Generate screens in design section” - we will add these manually.
  2. Create the following columns:
Column nameColumn type
VehicleRelationship (one Vehicle has Many Service Logs)
Service DateDatetime
CategoryOptions - Our options are;
Brakes, Tyres, Engine, Transmission
*Use a new line when listing each option.
  1. Finally, create some rows in the Service Log table, so that we have data to test with.

Designing our UI

Add screens

  1. Click the Design tab, and click the Add screen button.
  2. Under autogenerated screens select Vehicles and Service log table, then click Add screens
  3. Click the preview button and view your new Vehicle Maintenance Log app



You now have a fully working Vehicle Maintenance Log app.