Text field

The text field is a text-input field where users can input text.


Adding a text field

A text field should only be added as a child of a form component.

To add a text field to your app, select Form > Text Field


Settings panel

There are a few settings that might need explanation, these are presented in the reference table below.

FieldConnected field from the parent Form element, or custom by typing in a field name.
LabelThe text visible to the user next to the Text Field as a descriptor of the field
PlaceholderThe text displayed in a lighter tint inside the Text Field. Will only display when nothing is entered in the field.
Default ValueWhen a default value is provided, every time the form is opened this will be prefilled in the Text Field. Entering this will also prevent the placeholder from showing
DisabledWhen checked, disables the field; The user cannot change the value.

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