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This guide will show you how to add search functionality to a table
A search box is a common way to search data. When you search for a term inside the search box, the data within your list (usually a table or list of cards) updates to only show records that match your search query. Adding a search box is a similar process to adding a dropdown filter to a table.


For Search to work, you need data.
For this quick demonstration, we will use the data within the CSV below.
1000 Sales Records.csv


After uploading the data above, Budibase autogenerated 3 screens in the design section. Our table was called Sales, so our screens are:
  • /sales/
  • /sales/:id
  • /sales/new/row


  • Click on the /sales/ screen
  • Add the Form component
  • In the settings panel, under Schema, select Custom (at the bottom)
  • Move the new Form component above the New Data Provider component
  • Add a Text Field component and make sure it is nested under the Form component
  • In the settings panel, select the column you would like to search (in our case, it's 'Country') and then add a placeholder (for those using the CSV above, I used 'Search country' for my placeholder)
  • In the navigation tree, move the New Data Provider component underneath our New Text Field component
  • In the settings panel for the New Data Provider component, click the Define Filters button
  • Click add filter
  • Select the column you would like to search (in our case, Country)
  • You can then select 'Equals or 'Starts with'.
  • Select the value dropdown, and select Binding
  • Click the lightning bolt on the last input
  • Select {{ New Form.Fields.[[column]] }}
  • Click Save, and Save again
And we're done. We've successfully added search to a table.
I've attached the app below if you would like to check out the final product within the Budibase builder. To do this, download the file and import it to your builder (see GIF below).
export (7).json
Search demo
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