Introduction to Publish

How to publish your apps with budibase.

Publishing your web app with Budibase is simple.

How to publish your web app

When developing an app inside your builder, you can publish it by clicking the "Publish" button on the top right.

This will open a modal, asking you to confirm that you want to publish your app.

You will receive a notification to tell you that your app has been published successfully!

View Your Published App

To view your newly published app, click on the app dropdown menu from the builder portal and click View published app.

Other users that have access to your app on your budibase installation will now have access to your published app.

Deployment information

In the next section, Deployment information, we cover the important information about deployment that you need to know before considering a platform to build your web apps and tools on top of. We will cover where your web apps are deployed to as well as how it works.