Builder settings

Self hosting settings in the Budibase Builder

Once you have your Budibase platform up and running the next step is to deploy an app to it and make sure everything is working. Follow the below instructions to get your builder using your Budibase platform.

  1. Go to the Budibase Builder settings menu located in the bottom left hand corner of the app when you first open it.

  2. In the hosting section enable self hosting.

  3. This will display all of the self hosting builder options, by default these will be configured for testing a cluster running on your local machine with default settings.

  4. If you have changed any hosting settings such as preparing to run your platform in production then update these settings in the builder.

  5. Save the settings and deploy an app!

From here the process is much the same as deploying to our hosted platform and once you have deployed you should be able to view the app using its app ID and your self hosted Budibase platform. Below is a video walking you through these stages from getting the right settings to get your app deployed.

Final steps

Now that you have your Budibase platform up and running and you've tested it by deploying apps to it you may want to look into some more advanced options such as setting up a NGINX reverse proxy to your platform and getting HTTPS configured; we have guides for this available in our advanced option section, found here.