2. Add data

Budibase apps rely on data. Within this part of the tutorial, I will show you how to add and manage data within Budibase.

Budibase's data section is often described as the backend of your web app. This is where you add and manage your data. Budibase apps rely on data and it is strongly advised you create your data structure before designing your web application.

At the highest level, we have Tables. Tables are collections of information, organized in Columns and Rows. Each row has information, which is organized by columns. Just like a spreadsheet.

A column is also known as a field, and a row is also known as a record.

For Simple CRM, we will only require one table. Click the create table button within Budibase, and name it:


A table should now appear. Our table is looking pretty empty, so let's add columns. Click the add new column button.

When creating a column, we must decide on its type and name.

Column types, also known as field types, stipulate what sort of data should go into each column. To find out more about column types, visit columns.