6. Adding an email automation

Within this section of the tutorial, we will demonstrate how to set up an email automation


Automations are huge time savers. They are incredibly powerful, flexible and allow you to pull in data from outside your web app, as well as push data from your web app to other platforms.

Today, for Simple CRM, we will create an automation, which will email us when a new deal is added to our CRM.

  • On the left-hand side, click the plus button, and give your new automation the name - New Deal Email.

Add a trigger

​More info on Triggers can be found here​

  • Click on Triggers, and select Row Saved.

  • In Setup, select Deals under the table dropdown.

  • Click Save Automation.

Adding an action

​More info on Actions can be found here​

  • Select Actions, and choose the Send Email action.

  • Email has a direct integration with SendGrid. We hope to support other email platforms in the future. Please add your Sendgrid API key. - Link to Sendgrid website​

  • Add the email address you would like to email - preferably your own as this is where the emails will go.

  • In the Send From textbox, add the email address you used with Sendgrid.

  • Give your email a subject - Hey, you’ve received a new deal

  • Now click on the pencil within the Email Contents textbox, and add the following content: Awesome news! A new deal was added to Simple CRM. Jump into the CRM and check it out, and close the deal. No time like the present!

    Good luck, BudiBot

  • Now click Done, and click Save Automation. Now, locate the play icon, and click it, and that’s us.

You’ve successfully set up an email automation within your CRM in seconds! Great job.