Improvements to table & form blocks

Improvements to table & form blocks

In this update, we've focused on enhancing the core elements of app building — our table and form blocks. These improvements are designed to simplify the app-building process while boosting the intuitiveness of each block.

Table block enhancements:

  • Improved interaction and error handling.
  • Data source selection when adding blocks, reducing data formatting errors.
  • More explicit error messages, especially for disrupted data relationships.
  • All columns, including auto-generated ones, are now displayed for complete data visibility.
  • Customize the layout of columns inside your table.

Form block improvements:

  • The new layouts section within the form block makes it easier to align multiple fields in a row.
  • Customizable buttons including actions, enabling REST requests upon form submission for automation and data integration.

These updates aim to streamline the app creation process, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.