Chart Quality of Life Improvements

General Improvements:

  • Upgraded to the latest Apex charts and removed the use of the Apex charts Svelte shim. We are now using the library directly.
  • datetime labels now display in a human-readable format instead of UNIX timestamps or raw ISO 8601 strings.
  • Horizontal mode now works for histograms and bar charts with date labels.
  • When used as values, datetime fields are now converted to UNIX timestamps which are more immediately useful.
  • In dev mode, if a chart is provided inputs that have no rows, an alert will tell users this is the case.
  • Removed the previous chart builder class, simplifying the construction of the Apex chart config object in each component.
  • Candlestick charts now accept correctly formatted numbers and string-like values as date inputs.
  • Histograms now support negative values.

Chart Explanation Tooltips:

  • Added tooltips that provide information on column types and their compatibility with specific component inputs when hovering over FieldSelects or MultiFieldSelects.
  • Tooltips include detailed explanations on topics such as converting strings to numbers for numerical inputs.
  • Additional QoL features include summaries of column configurations and direct links to documentation and the column's table.


  • Fixed an issue where alerts for required fields weren't displaying on newly added chart components.
  • Fixed a related issue where nested component controls didn't check their parent's dependsOn field for validation.
  • Fixed an issue where Donut and Pie charts would break until the page reloaded when a non-numeric value was selected as input.
  • Fixed an issue where switching to certain label types would break the chart component until a page refreshed.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting null or non-scalar values in multi-select charts would break the chart.

These improvements enhance the overall functionality and usability of the chart components, making the experience smoother and more intuitive.