Table Quality of Life Improvements

This collection of QoL improvements enhance the overall usability and functionality of the Table component.

UX Improvements:

  • You can now double-click the column header to open column settings.
  • Options Settings:
    • Auto-focus text field after adding an option.
    • Auto-select color for new options.
    • Rounded top and bottom design.
    • Updated button design to match custom forms in the design section.

Table Enhancements:

  • Reworked table height to support percentages again, ensuring correct min-height and preserving relativity to the parent component.
  • Added an initial width setting for table columns. Allows unique widths per table instance while retaining the ability to resize columns.


  • Resolved race conditions during cell editing by disabling rows during API calls, ensuring data integrity and proper loading states.
  • Eliminated random flashes and duplicated rows occurring during table refreshes.
  • Corrected the issue where highlighted rows under the mouse were incorrect when the page was scrolled.
  • Adjusted long column names in the new column settings button, so they now truncate properly and have sensible minimum and maximum widths. Also, padding has been slightly adjusted.
  • Fixed the problem where attachments were not working when editing rows in modals.
  • Resolved an issue where inputs could exceed cell bounds in Firefox.