Enhanced Selected Rows Binding

As of version 2.19.2, we've enhanced the functionality of the "Selected Rows Binding" for tables with "Allow row selection" enabled. This update provides users with an array of selected row data directly accessible through the bindings drawer beneath your table. This enhancement enables more versatile manipulations such as:

  • Deleting Selected Rows: Easily remove selected rows from your table.
  • Displaying Selected Row IDs: Utilize the pluck helper to display selected row IDs, enhancing readability.
  • Calculating Sum Totals: Combine pluck with sum to calculate totals (e.g., total weight) of selected rows, with toFixed ensuring precision.

Deprecation Notice: Selected Row IDs
Please note, the previous version of selected rows binding, which provided only Row _ids, is deprecated as of this release. While it remains available for backward compatibility, it will be phased out in future versions. We encourage all users to transition to the new binding method to take full advantage of the improved functionality.

For detailed instructions on how to utilize these new features and prepare for the deprecation, please refer to our documentation.