We have introduced a single-user column to Budibase, offering a more intuitive way to manage values through bindings. The old multi-user column, previously named โ€œUserโ€ has been renamed โ€œMulti userโ€, and the new single-user column is now called โ€œSingle user.โ€

Previously, to display the user's name of an Assigned To column, the binding would have been:

{{ row.Assigned To.0.name }} (note the .0. )

This has now been simplified to:

{{ row.Assigned To.name }}

Bindings in Tables & Views:

  • Filters & Views: Apply bindings when filtering tables or creating views using Handlebars, JavaScript, and JS snippets.
  • Bindings in Tables: Filter tables directly using a variety of bindings.
  • Reusable Views: Incorporate and save mixed bindings as a reusable View.

New Binding Categories:

  • Current User: Metadata for the authenticated user.
  • Date: Server date binding for execution timestamps.
  • Helpers: Handlebars helpers like {{ default Current User.\_firstName 'no user'}}.

Component-Level Bindings:

  • Apply filter bindings to data source settings in the builder.

Updated UX with New Drawers:

  • Improved user experience with the new drawer design.

Date picker updates

by Jamie Birss

We've made several updates to our date picker to improve both visual customization, and to clear up a few bugs.


  • The new date picker now supports theming, allowing for a more customized user interface.
  • Dates are now automatically formatted according to the user's local settings (e.g., DD/MM/YYYY for UK, MM/DD/YYYY for US).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where storing a date-only field in a date-time type in an external database could display the date as the day before in Budibase.
  • Resolved problems related to the "ignore timezones" flag, which previously caused a 1-hour offset for dates falling within daylight savings periods compared to the current non-daylight savings day.

You can now periodically refresh the data within your application. This is particularly useful for users connecting to dynamic, external data sources and ensures data integrity across your Budibase application. Users can set the refresh cadence to 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes.

๐Ÿ”’This functionality is only available for users on paid plans.

You can now hover over pages in your application's navigation section to open a nested dropdown of grouped pages. This makes managing large applications with many pages much cleaner and more user-friendly.

Our team has completed an investigation into the recent xz vulnerability, and has concluded that Budibase was not affected.

In an effort to improve the usability of Budibase and to avoid confusion, we have consolidated how we use and refer to Tables:

  • The Table Block and Grid Block components have been removed.
  • The Table component has been updated to work in the same way the Grid Block component did previously.

This update does not affect users currently using the Table Block and Grid Block - your applications will still work as expected. However, the Table component will be how tables are created in Budibase moving forward.

This release introduces a quick-access dropdown to your applications, with options to:

  • Duplicate app
  • Export latest edited app
  • Export latest published app
  • Delete app

We have also introduced the ability to favorite applications. use the star toggle next to your most popular application(s) for quick and easy access.

Previously, attachment columns on tables always allowed users to upload multiple attachments. Today, we've updated the attachment column to give the option to allow users to limit them to a single attachment. Uploading a new document to a single attachment column will override any existing content.