👋 Budibase Documentation

Budibase is an open-source, no-code platform, for creating custom software. The Budibase documentation site will explain how to set up, use, and contribute to Budibase. Welcome to the community!

Important - Please be aware, Budibase is in Beta and is undergoing final testing before its official release. There may be serious bugs and a lot of UI/UX changes. We ask for your patience and thank you for having faith in us. The journey has just begun!

Getting started with Budibase is easy. Simply complete the checklist below and you'll be building your web app in no time.

The Budibase tutorial offers you step-by-step instructions on how to download Budibase, start a new project, and build a simple web application. The tutorial aims to be simple to follow and comprehensive. It is a great starting point for users who have never created a web application and do not have Budibase experience.

We're extremely thankful and proud of our hard-working community. Visit the contribution section to find guides on the Budibase community, our code of conduct, and how to start contributing to Budibase