Signature Field

Form fields that allow users to draw in a signature using mouse or phone inputs.


Signature components can be used inside Form blocks in order to capture a signature from the user.

A Signature component will automatically populate when a Form block is used with a data source that includes a signature field. The Signature type can be added to columns in tables.

Manually Building Forms

When building forms manually, start by adding the Form component and selecting the schema of the table you wish to save a signature to, then add a Signature component. Your Signature component will display only once you have chosen an option from the dropdown list or manually assigned a value for Field by typing in the input field. Items in the dropdown list will populate from your schema (if you have selected one) if they are signature columns in the table.

How to find the signature component

How to find the signature component

Once published, clicking the signature field presents a pop-over in which the user can use their mouse to click-and-drag to create a signature. Clicking confirm closes the pop-over and displays the user's signature as part of the form. Signatures can also be added in the Data tab.

General Settings

General Settings
FieldStart typing or select from the dropdown options. If you have selected a schema that contains columns with a signaturetype, they will populate the dropdown.
LabelTitle displayed above the signature field in the form
Help TextHelpful tip displayed underneath the field
DisabledCheckbox that disables the functionality of this component (reflected in a change of appearance).
On changeAllows configurable actions to be set. These actions will run when the signature pop-over is closed, and also when an existing signature is removed.
ValidationUsed to specify when a signature is required, and will show a configurable message under the field (defaults to "Error" if left blank")