Make (Integromat)

Executing Make tasks and workflows from Budibase

To get started, follow the Make guide on setting up a Webhook.

If you have correctly determined your data structure in Make, you should be able to see the available bindings that your Webhook offers to subsequent steps:

Available Make Webhook bindings

Available Make Webhook bindings

Pushing data to your Make scenario

  1. Create a new automation with Trigger
  2. Click the + to add a step. Select Make.

  1. Enter the Make webhook URL and JSON payload.


Click on the webhook step in your Make scenario and click Copy address to clipboard to get the URL

When entering the payload data, your JSON payload should match the values of your Make webhook data structure. In this example it would appear as follows:

  "value1": "ONE",
  "value2": "TWO",
  "value3": "THREE",
  "value4": "FOUR",
  "value5": "FIVE"

Using bindings

Most likely you will want to send dynamic values, such as those from your automation trigger, rather than static values previously shown.

You can do this through Bindings.

If you are using an App action trigger, then the fields can be accessed like so:

App action with 'test' field

App action with 'test' field

Using the app action 'test' field value

Using the app action 'test' field value


Note the binding expression in this case is surrounded in double quotes because appValue is of type Text.

For type Number, the quotes should not be included: {{ trigger.fields.appValue }}