Formatting currency snippet guide

This quick guide demonstrates how to create a JavaScript snippet that adds the correct currency symbol based on options provided to the snippet.


  1. Create a Budibase internal table this should include numeric data and an option which contains currency types e.g. pounds, dollars and euros etc.

    Image showing the table setup for the demoed snippet
  2. Add data to your table

  3. Create a new page

  4. Go to the design screen and add a repeater block

  5. Nested inside this add a paragraph component

  6. Go to the paragraph bindable area

  7. Switch the tab from text to javaScript

  8. Click on the </> icon and create a new snippet called formatCurrency

  9. Paste the below code into it and click save

return function(currenyType, number) {
    const currencySymbols = {
        'dollar': '$',
        'pound': 'Β£',
        'euro': '€'
    if (!currencySymbols.hasOwnProperty(currency)) {
        return 'Unsupported currency';
    const formattedAmount = currencySymbols[currency] + amount;
    return formattedAmount;
  1. Click the snippet this should generate the code needed to target the snippet
  2. Add your options into the functions brackets e.g. return snippets.formatCurrency("dollar", 50)
  3. Click save

The end result!