Multi-select Picker

The multi-select option is almost entirely the same as the Option Picker, with the only difference being you can select more than one option in the dropdown.


Explore features at Option Picker

To explore most features the multi-option picker offers, head over to the Option Picker page. This includes sources for the options, autocomplete, and more.

Adding multi-select Picker

To add the multi-select picker, choose it from `Form > Multi-select Picker. Make sure the picker is wrapped in a Form element to function correctly.

Adding options to the picker

To add options, head over to the Option Picker page.

Retrieving data from the picker

Opposed to the option picker which returns 1 value, the multi-select picker returns an array of items, even if only one item is selected. When using the data, make sure you handle the data as an array in that situation. Storing the array in a text field will either fail or stringify.

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