SSO with Azure AD

description: Configure SSO using OpenID Connect and Azure AD


OpenID Connect

To become familiar with OpenID Connect in Budibase, see: OpenID Connect


Create the application

Create the Budibase application using a new 'App Registration'

Add the application name

Ignore the Redirect URI for now.

Find your configuration details

Configuration URL

Visit 'Overview' > 'Endpoints'.

Use the OpenID Connect metadata document field as your Configuration URL in Budibase.

Client ID

Visit 'Overview'

Use the Application (client) ID field as your Client ID in Budibase.

Client Secret

Visit 'Certificates & secrets', click on 'Add client secret', give your secret a description/expiry, and save.

View your newly created secret

Use the Value field as your Client Secret in Budibase.

Add your callback URL

Visit 'Authentication' and enter your callback URL

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