The Budibase portal is the hub for your Budibase experience.

When you sign in to Budibase, you will be presented with the Budibase portal. Depending on your user role, you will see either the admin portal, development portal or the standard portal.

Admin portal

Admin users have access to all of the functions of the budibase portal, such as user and OAuth administration, email templates and organisation level settings. Admins can also build, deploy and manage applications.


Development portal

Developers can build, deploy and manage applications. They do not however have access to the admin configuration sections of the portal.


Standard portal

In the standard portal you can only see the list of deployed applications that you have access to.
You will not see the user admin options, dev apps or deployment options that are available in dev or admin mode.
The standard portal acts as a landing page for users to use budibase apps created by users with builder permissions.


Export app

Admins and developers can export any app as a JSON blob text file.
This is useful for sharing and backing up your applications.

This file will include all Budibase DB data, as well as data connector configurations, including query configs and builder data for all your screens.



If it is a production app, be vigilant about whom you share the app export files with.
Are you confident you won't be leaking database credentials, user identity information, authentication keys, or any other sensitive information?

To export an app, click on the Manage button in the app list


This will bring you to the overview screen. From here you can expand the ellipsis and select Export to download the export app file.


Import app

You can create an app by importing an app export file.

Within the Apps screen, click the Create new app button. From here, click on the Import app button:


This will present a modal, into which you can drag the app export file, and click Import app to finish.


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