In-app user management

In Budibase, you have the flexibility to set user roles on an app-by-app basis. Users categorised as Members can be assigned roles at the app level. Admins will always have the Admin app role.

To manage users within an app, simply click the 'Users' button located at the top-right corner of your screen. You'll find it to the left of the 'Preview' and 'Publish' buttons.

An image highlighting the users button within an app.

Clicking the 'Users' button, as highlighted above, opens a side panel that lists all your users. Within this panel, you can assign roles to your users. These App-specific roles determine which screens users can access, and their data permissions.

User side panel adding roles + adding new users.

In the side panel, you can invite new users by clicking 'Invite User,' or you can search for existing users. If your search yields no results, you'll be prompted to invite the user.

Clicking either of the highlighted options will open the user invitation panel, where you can pre-set the user's role at the app level.