One-click Budibase setup using DigitalOcean

The simplest way to self-host Budibase is to use DigitalOcean. If you don't have an account, you can use our referral code to get $100 of free DigitalOcean credit!

Once you've signed up, use our one-click offering on the DigitalOcean marketplace to deploy your Budibase server to DigitalOcean as shown below.

 Create Droplet

In the Digital Ocean dashboard choose Create > Droplet

Select the Marketplace tab and search for Budibase:

Choose from the remaining options to suit your expected usage and budget.

After clicking the Create Droplet button

After launching wait a few minutes for Budibase to initialise. Take note of the IP address listed for the droplet and in a web browser visit port 10000 on the IP address e.g.

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