App migrations

Describing the process of app migrations

As part of Budibase updates it is possible you may experience a short period of interruption as the app loads. After Budibase has rolled out an update that requires this the next time you attempt to access an app you may see a very short period of the whole page appearing as:

This should not take long and once the migration is completed it will automatically forward you into the app. This process will only occur once per application after the update. You do not need to do anything during this process and once it is complete some small changes may have been made to your app structure but this is to avoid breaking changes as you progress through new Budibase updates.

It is possible that a problem may occur as part of the migration process, if this happens you will see a screen like:

This should not happen under normal circumstances, please report this to Budibase support and if possible please provide an export of your application for investigation.

If you have any problems with the app migration process or you simply wish to downgrade at a later point this is safe, app migrations in Budibase should be backwards compatible with previous versions of Budibase as well.