Updating Budibase

Keep your self-hosted budibase instance up to date to take advantage of the newest features and bug fixes.

There are several ways to update your budibase installation, based on your chosen setup.

Budibase CLI (Docker compose)

If you set up budibase using the Budibase CLI Install, you can update your budibase installation directly by navigating to the directory where you installed budibase (with your docker-compose.yaml, .env file etc) and run the following CLI commands.

Standard Docker Upgrade

If you prefer, you can also just use standard docker commands to upgrade your budibase installation.

Upgrading a Docker Single Image Installation

First, stop and remove your container running budibase with:

docker stop <budibase-container-id>
docker rm <budibase-container-id>

Then run the following to get the latest version of the budibase container:

docker pull budibase/budibase

With the latest version of your container, you can now run the same docker run command that you ran to set up budibase in the first place.



Tools like https://www.portainer.io/ and https://github.com/containrrr/watchtower can be a powerful way to simplify and automate container management for you.

Another option is to migrate your single image installation to using docker-compose, as described here. Which will let you take advantage of the next method below.

Upgrading a Docker Compose Installation

First, navigate to the directory where you set up your budibase installation with docker compose. It should contain:

  • docker-compose.yaml
  • .env

You can then run the following commands. (You may need to use docker-compose on older versions of docker)

docker compose pull 
docker compose up -d

Downgrading a Docker Compose Installation

To downgrade, if you are using a docker compose, you can go to each image line of the docker-compose.yaml file and type down the desired version after a colon. For example:

image: budibase.docker.scarf.sh/budibase/apps:2.17.6

Do this for all images except minio, watchtower and couchdb. The container version matches the app version.

Once you have updated your docker-compose.yaml file, you will need to bring down your containers and then start them up again.

docker compose down
docker compose up -d


Instructions on how to upgrade budibase running on Kubernetes can be found here - Kubernetes