This topic describes the barcode/qr data types, supported in Budibase

Barcodes and QR codes come in a huge range of formats, from simple product numbers to complex text patterns and URLs.

To accommodate the wide variety of content the field can handle, the Barcode/QR column type is stored as text, or a string.

Fields configured as Barcode/QR types in the database will appear as Barcode/QR components in the builder.

Creating a Barcode/QR column

The process for creating the column only takes a few seconds.

  1. First, navigate to your Datasource and click the Create New Column button
  2. Give the column a Name, e.g "ProductCode"
  3. Select Barcode/QR from the Type
  4. Click Save Column

Convertible types

In Budibase, depending on the field type, you can update the type of a column to another

In this instance, a Barcode/QR can be updated to any of the following and vice versa.

  • [Text]
  • [Options]
  • [Long Form Text]

This can be handy when you've been manually entering QR code and Barcode data for years as Text and you finally switch the field type to Barcode/QR!