This topic describes the string/text data types, supported in Budibase

The text data type stores text, including numbers - also known as a string. A text column is a good choice if you want to store data like names, addresses, or simple custom data. It is a popular data type and one you are more than likely going to use.



Creating a text column

The process for creating a text column takes a few seconds.

  1. First, click the Create New Column button
  2. Give your text column a name - we used Name in the video above.
  3. Due to the popularity of the text data type, it is shown by default; so there's no need to change it.
  4. Click Save Column
  5. Add data to your new column by adding rows.



Using the text data type

In the Design section, you can pull in information from your Text column, using the Repeater component and Bindings .

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