Each automation must have a single trigger step, this is essentially a watcher - waiting for a particular condition to be met at which point the process will kick-off.


Currently, there are six ways to trigger an automation:

  1. When a new record/row is created in a table
  2. When a new record/row is deleted in a table
  3. When a new record/row is updated in a table
  4. An external trigger in the form of a JSON Webhook
  5. When a certain action happens in an app
  6. CRON trigger (trigger this automation at 6 am every day)

Triggers are internal to the Budibase system and therefore cannot easily be altered - if you have an idea for a good trigger then let us know!

It is also possible to create custom triggers using the external Webhook - create an external application that will trigger on your required conditions, and target your Budibase Webhook!

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