Show button on condition

Allow end users to perform an app action only in certain cases

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Only show a 'create new record' button if the user has already searched the existing records for potential duplicates.



  1. Add component: Table block for the 'Employees' table.
  2. In the Settings Panel, set the Title, and select the 'Email' under Search fields
  1. Add component: Button and set the Text to 'Add new employee?'
  2. Click on the Conditions tab, and click on the conditions button.
  3. Add condition:
    1. Show component IF {{ Employees Table Block.Rows Length }} Equals Number 0
    2. Save
  1. Add component: Side panel
  2. Add component: Form block. Set Data to the 'Employees' table.
  3. In the Component Tree, click on the 'Add new employee?' button, and configure the On click actions.
  4. Add Action: Open Side Panel and select the side panel component. Make sure to Save.

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