Guides and resources

To help you adopt Budibase quicker and uncover what's possible, we've dedicated this documentation section to guides, examples, templates, and more.


Within this section you will find a list of step-by-step tutorials for building common flows within Budibase.

Each follows a common consistent layout as follows:

Try it out!Displays an interactive Embedded Budibase app so that you can quickly see if this use-case is relevant to the problem you are trying to solve
ScenarioA description of what the recipe will entail, the problem being solved, and a star guide as a rough estimate to the challenge involved in implementing
StepsDirect steps including screenshots. Most guides will assume your Datasource has been configured
App exportA download link for the App export so that you can explore the recipe further

Blogs and discussions

If you can't find the recipe you are looking for, there are a number of blogs and Github discussions you can explore.

How to build a CRUD app with Budibase and Next.jsBlog
Creating related rows in more than one tableGithub answer
Access child form fields data from the parentGithub answer
Add a linking/lookup tableGithub answer
Appending a relationshipGithub answer
Navigating to detail screen for multiple selected rowsGithub answer
Filtering related data on selected rowsGithub answer
Verify row is unique before savingGithub answer
Edit form fields inlineGithub answer
Conditional table cell - setting text colorGithub answer
How to build a public formBlog

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