The navigation section of the design tab allows you position and style the app navigation bar as well as the available navigation links.


Click on the navigation 'link' icon on the left hand pane to access the navigation settings.


The list of properties that can be changed for the navigation bar are displayed in the table below.

PositionWill anchor the nav bar to the top or left hand side of the page.
Sticky headerTop anchored nav bar only.

When scrolling down the page, the nav bar will remain visible at the top of the page.
WidthTop anchored nav bar only.

The width of the nav bar content.
LogoDefault is Budibase logo.

Show/Hide the specified logo.
TitleShow/Hide the specified nav bar title.
Background colorThe background color of the nav bar.
Text colorThe color of the nav bar title and links.

Below is a video that shows how each of the settings present in your app.

By default the navigation bar is visible for all Screens, however it can be turned on a per screen basis.


Configure links

The links shown in your navigation bar can be configured in the navigation panel by clicking on 'Configure links'.


This will bring up a drawer from which you can specify the names of the links, the path and minimum user role to see the link.

The links can be external URLs, or they can be screen paths selectable from the dropdown menus.

The minimum user app role will ensure that only authorised users will see particular navigation links.
By default the minimum role is public.