Form actions

These actions specifically deal with form interaction.

Update Field Value

This action will update the value of a form field with a literal value or Binding.

The Reset to default value type will change the value of the chosen field to its Default Value.

Scroll To Field

This action lets you scroll to any form field on the page. Attach it to components with on change, on click, or even on load buttons throughout your application.

To set it up, select the form containing your item and choose the field to scroll to when the action occurs. In the example below, a form component is linked to a button click event, causing it to scroll to the specified form field.

Showing how to attach the scroll to field action up.

Validate Form

Allows you to validate any form which you've selected from a list of available forms.

More on Form validation.

Change Form Step

This along with the Form step component can allow you to break up larger forms into steps, it provides you with the option to enhance a users experience if you so choose.

This action lets you select the form you wish to change the current step of. It provides a few different options.

  1. Next step this simply increments the step of the form by 1.
  2. Previous step this will decrease the form step by 1.
  3. First step this sets the form step to the initial step.
  4. Specific step this adds a new option when selected, which allows you to type in a number that you want the step changed to.

Clear Form

This clears whatever form's field values you've assign to it.

To view this quickly you can add a Form block component eject the block and click the button component contained within. Afterwards, click the Define actions button on the far right of the screen within the settings area. From here you can see a list of pre generated actions one being the clear form action, clicking into this you will be able to see how its setup. Its extremely simple all thats required is selecting the form you wish to perform this action on.

Showing the pre configured form block component and how it uses the clear form action.

On change

Form fields have the ability to trigger an action on change of their value.

Specifically, Pickers will update on selection, whereas Text input fields will update on loss of focus.

In addition, there is a convenient Binding {{ Field Value }} which represents the value of the trigger form field.

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