Adding users

To invite new users into your Budibase installation, you need to have Administration permission yourself.

Navigate to the homepage of the Budibase interface, and then in the left-hand sidebar, you'll find a Manage section, under which there's a Users section.


Click this, and you'll find an overview of your existing users.


Click the Add User button on the top-right, and you'll be presented with a modal to add a new user.


Enter the Email address of the user, and choose the User Roles applicable for the user.

Email vs Basic onboarding

You can choose to have Email onboarding or Basic onboarding.

Email onboarding will send the user you're adding an email "they're invited" to join your organisation. This allows them to configure a password for themselves.

Basic onboarding will not send anything to your new user but present you, as the user creator, with a randomly generated password. You can give this password to the new user who should change their password once they're logged in with their new credentials.

It's up to you which onboarding flow you prefer, but we always recommend the Email onboarding flow.


Configure SMTP

For emails to be sent from Budibase you will need to have SMTP configured. Make sure this is set up before attempting to invite users through the email onboarding flow.

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