Learn more about views within Budibase

Views are virtual tables. I understand this may seem confusing, but it is the best description, and hopefully you'll understand why after reading the following docs.

When you create a View within Budibase, it presents you with all the data from its linked Table. This provides you with a canvas to manipulate your data without changing the data within the original table. This is crucial, as it protects your original data. It also allows you to create:

  1. Filters
  2. Groups
  3. Calculations

When designing your UI, you can reference data from your Views. So, if you have a table of sales people and their total sales, you can create a View and a Calculation which gives you the total sales of all sales people. You can then reference the data from this View in the design section of Budibase, and display the answer to the calculation.

How to create a new view


You must have a Table before you can create a View

To create a new table, click the create new view button, and give it a name.

By default, a view will display all the data in your table. You should add a filter and/or a calculation to change data is displayed.


One of the core features of views is the ability to filter rows according to particular criteria. When a Row is filtered, it is not deletedβ€”it's just hidden from the particular View you're using and remains within the table (Views are virtual tables!).

Try adding filters when:

  • You need to focus on rows that meet certain conditions (e.g. Classes between May and June, and taught by Albert Einstein).
  • You need to display certain information, to certain people (e.g Each salesperson can only view their own commission).

How to create a new Filter

To create a new Filter:

  • Click the Filter button
  • Click Add Filter
  • Select the Column you would like to filter
  • Select a filter function
  • Type your query
  • Click Save

Filter functions

  1. Equals
  2. Less than
  3. Less than or equal to
  4. More than
  5. More than or equal to
  6. Contains


Within Budibase, calculations are predefined formulas. Instead of writing the formulas, you can simply select from the list of predefined options.

How to create a new Calculation


You must have an active Calculation to use the Group feature

To create a new Group:

  • Click the Group button
  • Select the Column you would like to Group by.
  • Click save


Budibase's Group feature allows you to group your rows together based on the column of your choosing. You can only apply a group to a calculation.