Accessing MinIO

How to access MinIO


The following content applies to self-hosted deployments only

Budibase uses a MinIO object store, to store:

  • Web front-end files
  • Attachments

You have full access to MinIO, via the official client. Before you access the MinIO client, follow these steps:

  1. Enable MinIO browsing. Your docker-compose.yaml should contain a setting called MINIO_BROWSER - make sure its value is on.
  2. If you made a change to your docker-compose.yaml, you will need to save the file and restart your cluster.
  3. Now, find your access key and secret. Your .env file should contain these values: MINIO_ACCESS_KEY, and MINIO_SECRET_KEY.
  4. You will also need to port forward. Your .env file should contain the value: MINIO_PORT.

Example config

        - "${MINIO_PORT}:9000"
        - "9001:9001"
        MINIO_BROWSER: "on"

Now you should be able to access MinIO via the URL: