Users table

The Users table is a special Budibase DB table that stores all of the users that have access to the app.

It has a unique icon to differentiate it from other tables:

Unlike regular tables, you cannot add rows to the users table. In addition, rows cannot be deleted so that the audit trail remains intact even if a users' access is revoked.

User Management is handled through the Admin Portal.

The standard columns include:

Created By / Updated By columns

Every time an internal table is created, two auto-columns are added to the Users table:

  • [table name]-Created By
  • [table name]-Updated By

These can be used to display user specific data for the currently logged-in user.

When a row is created through the UI, the user will appear in the 'Created By' column. This is also true of an updated row, where the user will get automatically saved to the 'Updated By' column.


Autogenerated column

The wand icon indicates that this column is autogenerated and auto-populated.
The values cannot be overwritten or saved manually.

Custom columns

Whilst you cannot edit the standard columns or the auto-columns, you can create and edit custom columns.

This can be useful for adding user metadata innate to your app, formulas, or any other data type you want.

Edit roles

You can also add custom roles to your app. More information here.

Current User bindings

There are globally available Bindings for every column in the Users table, including the custom columns.

For example, these can be used to display the name of the currently logged-in user, or Add filtering on the _id to get related user data.


When the user logs in using SSO, an OAuth token will be available for use in API headers.