Candlestick Chart

The Candlestick chart is a chart type often used in financial charts. You can configure both a bar and a line on the same row.

There's a lot of data being displayed on a single column, so when you want to use this graph you need to have access to four different Numeric data-points per column. This could also be a great candidate to transform the data through Views when you want to do some calculation based on data points you have in your database.

Adding a Candlestick Chart

To add the Candlestick chart, first place a Data Provider and add the chart nested to it. To add the chart, click Chart > Candlestick Chart

Displaying data

Now that the Candlestick chart has been added to the UI, you can display data. For this type of chart you'll need 4 types of Numeric datapoints.

These 4 data points, or columns, are for the following fields:

OpenThe opening for the bar inside the chart
CloseThe closing for the bar inside the chart
HighThe high for the line inside the chart
LowThe low for the line inside the chart


What determines the colour?

When colour will be red or green depending on the open and close values. If close is a lower number than open, the colour will be red. If the close is higher than the open then the colour will be green. This also applies to the line in the chart, not just the bar.

The labels on the x-axis are supposed to be dates, this is a financial chart after all. So when picking the Date column, make sure you use a Date/time field for best results.

There aren't a whole lot of other customization options in the Settings Panel for the Candlestick chart, but of course, there are some. You can find them in the reference table below.

Settings panel


Data columns

There are 4 data column fields, which are explained in the Displaying data section above.

Besides the settings already explained, there are a few which you can still configure in the Settings Panel.

ProviderThe Data Provider as a parent of your chart
FormatWill divide by thousand or million on the axis and adds a K or M to the axis respectively
Y-axis Label
X-axis label
The labels you want to display next to the Y and X-axis.
The size you want the chart to be, supports all CSS supported sizes
AnimateWill animate when the data changes or on startup. Data-change can happen through Dynamic filter's for example.