The Attachment component allows your users to upload files to your Budibase app.

Uploaded files are stored in MinIO.

The Attachment component works especially well with Budibase DB's Attachment data type.



Remember the maximum file size you can store in your database of choice

Adding an Attachment component

The Attachment component requires a Form component as a parent.

To add the Attachment component, click Form > Attachment.

After the Attachment component is added you can immediately start using it, no further configuration is required.

Manage access

If you want to specify user roles such as allowing public file uploads, then you'll need to adjust the write access levels of your table.


There a few Form validation options for the attachment field.

RequiredAt least one file must be uploaded.
Max file size (MB)No uploaded file can exceed the specified limit in megabytes.
Max total upload size (MB)The total size of all uploaded files cannot exceed the specified megabytes limit.