There are a wide variety event actions throughout Budibase. These can be split into four different types: Data, Application, Form and Logic actions.

Data actions

As the title implies, these actions revolve around data. They involve tasks like retrieving data from different sources (like REST APIs or external databases), refreshing data sources, or making changes to data (such as updating rows in a database). You can view this here.

Application actions

These are actions that can happen at any time in your application. They include things like displaying notifications, opening side panels or pop-up windows, logging out users, and even activating automated processes. This can be found here.

Form actions

There are fewer actions of this kind compared to data and application actions. When it comes to form actions, there are four different actions: Update Field Value, Validate Form, Change Form Step, and Clear Form. These actions specifically deal with manipulating different parts of a form and can be found in more detail here..

Logic actions

Currently there is only one action of this type, this is the Continue If / Stop if.

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