Command Interface

Easily navigate, perform actions, and access other functionalities through this interface.

You can open the command interface with ⌘ + K on Mac or Ctrl + K on Windows. Using this keyboard shortcut should open an interface similar to the one shown below. (Note: Some browsers may not support this functionality.)

An image showing the Budibase command interface. Some of its functions are included.

The command interface allows you to navigate around the page without having to click. It is fully searchable, enabling users to quickly reach any part of their app. Additionally, it allows users to perform various functions, such as publishing their app, viewing preview or published versions, inviting users, or changing the builder theme.


Manage who has access to your app. This section allows you to invite new users and set their permissions.

  • Invite users and manage app access


Quickly move to different areas of the app for various functions:

  • Navigate: Portal - Navigates the portal area were all your apps are located in Budibase
  • Navigate: Data - Navigates to the Data area (Datasource, table, query creation and view)
  • Navigate: Design - Navigates to the Design area (Screen creation)
  • Navigate: Automations - Navigates to the Automations area


Control the publication of your app:

  • Publish: App


  • Preview: App (Opens a preview window of your app)
  • Preview: Published App (Opens your published app)


Navigates to our Github repository to report issues or start discussions


Access all data sources within the app. Clicking these will take you to the respective data source section:

  • Datasource: Budibase DB
  • Datasource: MS SQL Server
  • Datasource: MySQL
  • Datasource: REST API
  • Datasource: Postgres
  • Datasource: MongoDB


This shows a list of all tables you have fetched within an app. Allows you to easily navigate to any table in the list.

  • Table: Users
  • Table: Employees


Find all queries related to data sources here. Navigate to view and manage these queries.

  • Query: Create Row
  • Query: Get User Record


Navigate to any screen created within the app.

  • Navigate: /home
  • Navigate: /employees
  • Navigate: /employees/:id


Navigate to any automation contained within your current app.

Change Builder Theme

Change the appearance of the builder interface by selecting a theme.

  • Change Builder Theme: Lightest
  • Change Builder Theme: Light
  • Change Builder Theme: Dark
  • Change Builder Theme: Darkest
  • Change Builder Theme: Nord
  • Change Builder Theme: Midnight