The Tag component can quickly display tags on, for example, a detail page. An optional delete button can be added which can be configured using Actions.

Adding a tag

To add the Tag component, you can click Component > Tag.

By default the Tag component is full with, but when you add them it to a Container, set the Direction setting to Row and Horizontal Align to Left or Right it will look like the screenshot above.

Customizing the tag

To customize the tag, you have several settings in the Settings PanelSettings Panel - The Settings Panel is where you can configure every property of a design element. By default this is displayed, when clicking an element when you're in the Budibase Design Section, on the right. you can use.




The size of text, choose between small, medium or large.


Choose the color of the button, the text color will change accordingly.

Show Delete Icon

Will add a X to the tag which is clickable

On click delete icon

This setting will appear when the Show Delete Icon setting is checked. This will allow you to configure what happens when the user clicks the X using Actions.

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