Application actions

These actions can be anything from notifications, to triggering automations or navigating between screens.

Navigate To

Use this action if you want to go to another web page or app screen.
For example: Navigation on row button click

When the Destination is set to 'URL', you have the option to open the link in a new tab.

Alternatively, if the Destination is set to 'Screen', then you can select a screen to navigate to from the dropdown. The screen can optionally be opened in the current tab, or in a modal.

You can learn more about using URL parameters with the Navigate To action here.

Trigger Automations

Often there are times where you would like to trigger a automation after a user has performed an action. There are a range of different Automations. You are able reference any created automations by clicking the Use an existing automation radio button and then selecting an existing previously created automations to use and run.

Select a previous made automation to be used within the app.

Lastly, creating fields within the automation itself allows data/bindings to be sent to it, this can then be used in your automation to perform whatever task you require. An example of this would be passing an _id of a row to the automation to then update the row's state e.g. from Pending to In progress.


If you want to log a user out, you can use this action. It has redirect functionality built in meaning you can redirect to whatever url you desire.

Close Screen Modal

If the current screen has been opened as a Modal, then close it. Additionally, you can open a different modal afterwords also using this action.

Show Notification

This allows you to show a popup notification, of which there are four different types; Success, Warning, Error and Info. Changing the type will change the styling of the popup for example: success will be have a green background where as error will have a red background. Additionally you can make use of the bindings to output more informative messages. E.g. Hi {{ Current }} welcome to Budibase.

Prompt User

This action adds an additional step before other actions are ran. The title and text are the only configurable aspects of this action. It provides a prompt to the user, and won't run any other action after it unless they click the confirm button. This is very useful for a longer chain of actions, as it provides context and gives the option to cancel the process before it starts

Open Side Panel

Provides a list of all side panels within a current screen, selecting one will open that side panel whenever the action is hit.

Close Side Panel

Closes the currently open side panel.

Scroll To Field

Choose a Form and a form field. The browser will scroll until the selected form field is in view, and will also focus that field.

This can be useful when navigating between Form steps, as shown in this guide.

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