Audit logs πŸ”’

Audit logs are a feature that allow admin users to track events that are happening across the Budibase installation, as well as view data that are associated with these events such as the user that triggered it, or the app where it originates from.

To access the Audit logs feature you can navigate to the Account section of your application, then Audit logs.

Unlocking audit logs

If you are using the free tier you will see the following under the Audit Logs section:

You can click Upgrade to unlock audit logs or click View Plans to navigate to the pricing page to see the full range of options in more detail.

Viewing Audit logs

After navigating to the Audit logs section, you are presented with the above table, where you can monitor, filter and view more details about each of your logs.

You can see here that all of these logs are associated with the Car Rental Admin Panel application, however, some logs like User created will have no application attached to them.

You can also drill down to see more information and metadata ona particular log by clicking on the Detailsbutton. This will expand a side panel like the image below.

You can see numerous pieces of metadata including the IP address, User Agent as well Application and User IDs. Each event type will have different metadata and properties associated with it.

Filtering Audit logs

As shown in the above image, there are a number of different ways to filter your audit logs.

πŸ“˜ Filter types


Filter by a single or multiple users. Use the search box within the dropdown to search through all users on the system


Filter by a single or multiple apps. All apps available on the system will be displayed in the dropdown and can be searched


Filter by single or multiple events.

Date Range

You can filter by any date range. The default is set to 30 days, but any range is permissible. Selecting one date will display all results from then until the current date.


The search input allows a full text search on all of the properties within an audit log. For example, you could search for an App ID such as app_dev_uuid1 and any audit logs that have that as a value within any property will be returned.

Any combination of these filters will work, and the filters will be applied in the order they are applied.

Downloading your audit logs

By clicking the download button in the above image, you will be able to download all of the logs that are assosicated with your current filter(s). To download all of your audit logs, please ensure that no filters are applied to the table.

Audited events

Below you can see a list of the events that are currently audited and logged by the system.


By default the auditing of rows and query runs are not supported

If this is needed please contact sales

User logs

EventDisplay Name
USER_CREATEDUser "{{ email }}" created
USER_UPDATEDUser "{{ email }}" updated
USER_DELETEDUser "{{ email }}" deleted
USER_PERMISSION_ADMIN_ASSIGNEDUser "{{ email }}" admin role assigned
USER_PERMISSION_ADMIN_REMOVEDUser "{{ email }}" admin role removed
USER_PERMISSION_BUILDER_ASSIGNEDUser "{{ email }}" builder role assigned
USER_PERMISSION_BUILDER_REMOVEDUser "{{ email }}" builder role removed
USER_INVITEDUser "{{ email }}" invited
USER_INVITED_ACCEPTEDUser "{{ email }}" accepted invite
USER_PASSWORD_UPDATEDUser "{{ email }}" password updated
USER_PASSWORD_RESET_REQUESTEDUser "{{ email }}" password reset requested
USER_PASSWORD_RESETUser "{{ email }}" password reset
USER_GROUP_CREATEDUser group "{{ name }}" created
USER_GROUP_UPDATEDUser group "{{ name }}" updated
USER_GROUP_DELETEDUser group "{{ name }}" deleted
USER_GROUP_USERS_ADDEDUser group "{{ name }}" {{ count }} users added
USER_GROUP_USERS_REMOVEDUser group "{{ name }}" {{ count }} users removed
USER_GROUP_PERMISSIONS_EDITEDUser group "{{ name }}" permissions edited

Email logs

EventDisplay Name
EMAIL_SMTP_CREATEDEmail configuration created
EMAIL_SMTP_UPDATEDEmail configuration updated

Authentication logs

EventDisplay Name
AUTH_SSO_CREATEDSSO configuration created
AUTH_SSO_UPDATEDSSO configuration updated
AUTH_SSO_ACTIVATEDSSO configuration activated
AUTH_SSO_DEACTIVATEDSSO configuration deactivated
AUTH_LOGINUser "{{ email }}" logged in
AUTH_LOGOUTUser "{{ email }}" logged out

Organisation logs

EventDisplay Name
ORG_NAME_UPDATEDOrganisation name updated
ORG_LOGO_UPDATEDOrganisation logo updated
ORG_PLATFORM_URL_UPDATEDOrganisation platform URL updated

Application logs

EventDisplay Name
APP_CREATEDApp "{{ name }}" created
APP_UPDATEDApp "{{ name }}" updated
APP_DELETEDApp "{{ name }}" deleted
APP_PUBLISHEDApp "{{ name }}" published
APP_UNPUBLISHEDApp "{{ name }}" unpublished
APP_TEMPLATE_IMPORTEDApp "{{ name }}" template imported
APP_FILE_IMPORTEDApp "{{ name }}" file imported
APP_VERSION_UPDATEDApp "{{ name }}" version updated
APP_VERSION_REVERTEDApp "{{ name }}" version reverted
APP_REVERTEDApp "{{ name }}" reverted
APP_EXPORTEDApp "{{ name }}" exported
APP_BACKUP_RESTOREDApp backup "{{ name }}" restored
APP_BACKUP_TRIGGEREDApp backup "{{ name }}" triggered

Datasource logs

DATASOURCE_CREATEDDatasource created
DATASOURCE_UPDATEDDatasource updated
DATASOURCE_DELETEDDatasource deleted

Query logs

EventDisplay Name
QUERY_CREATEDQuery created
QUERY_UPDATEDQuery updated
QUERY_DELETEDQuery deleted
QUERY_IMPORTQuery import

Table logs

EventDisplay Name
TABLE_CREATEDTable "{{ name }}" created
TABLE_UPDATEDTable "{{ name }}" updated
TABLE_DELETEDTable "{{ name }}" deleted
TABLE_EXPORTEDTable "{{ name }}" exported
TABLE_IMPORTEDTable "{{ name }}" imported
TABLE_DATA_IMPORTEDData imported to table

Automation logs

EventDisplay Name
AUTOMATION_CREATEDAutomation "{{ name }}" created
AUTOMATION_DELETEDAutomation "{{ name }}" deleted
AUTOMATION_STEP_CREATEDAutomation "{{ name }}" step added
AUTOMATION_STEP_DELETEDAutomation "{{ name }}" step removed

Screen logs

EventDisplay Name
SCREEN_CREATEDScreen "{{ name }}" created
SCREEN_DELETEDScreen "{{ name }}" deleted

Component logs

EventDisplay Name
COMPONENT_CREATEDComponent created
COMPONENT_DELETEDComponent deleted

Environment variable logs

EventDisplay Name
ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE_CREATEDEnvironment variable created
ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE_DELETEDEnvironment variable deleted

Plugin logs

EventDisplay Name
PLUGIN_IMPORTEDPlugin imported
PLUGIN_DELETEDPlugin deleted